My Visit to LaEstetica International

I went to LaEstetica International (Ortigas Branch) for my first IPL-underarm laser hair removal 2 weeks ago. I asked a dear friend to call up the clinic for my appointment.  Because of some errands I had to make that day, I was 30 minutes late on schedule. I wasn't able to meet Dr. Almond Derla but the attendants were very accommodating. The clinic seemed to have a lot of customers that day but I did not mind waiting for 10 minutes as I read the magazine I grabbed from the clinic’s rack.

I know I asked the name of the lady who assisted me but I am just no good with names. Anyway, as I lay down the treatment bed, the staff asked me if I applied deodorant or any cream (like whitening cream) on my underarms.  Since I applied deodorant, the staff cleaned my underarms first with cleanser before shaving my underarm hairs with epilator.   

The treatment was just a few minutes really. After applying gel on my armpit, she used the IPL machine (it’s like a scan gun that you see in supermarket   cashier counters), clicked it a few times on each of my underarms and that’s it. I was told not to use deodorant until the next morning and was not allowed to wet the treated areas until the next day. In case I have to remove my underarm hairs, waxing is not advised but she said I could shave instead. Whitening creams can be applied after two days.

The treatment was short and tingly. No, it did not hurt but I felt the small electric currents on my skin every time the IPL gadget clicked.  My armpit hairs usually grow back the following day after shaving but after my first IPL session, I noticed slow hair growth. My armpit hairs became visible after a week. They are in fact thinner and the hair color is lighter. I can actually count the hairs unlike before. Because I really want to see IPL’s effect, I did not shave my armpit hairs for 10 days.  It’s noticeable that my hair regrowth are lesser now.

I am hoping that a couple of sessions will totally reduce if not eliminate my underarm hairs. My next session is a month after the first treatment. Since the session is just 10 minutes or less, I’ll still have plenty of time to do other things on my IPL treatment day... like shop!!!! 

Btw, LaEstetica branches are available in the Philippines and Palau. Checkk  out their website:

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